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The Infamous John Bercow

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The former speaker of the House of Parliament, John Bercow, was one of the most popular British politicians of his time. He was well known for controversy and conflict while in the House of Commons, which infuriated the other Members of Parliament and excited them.

A Popular Choice (Or not?)

The speaker for a whole decade, Bercow, made several changes to create a “less stuffy” House of Commons. He did this by removing the necessity for MPs to wear wigs and ties before they could speak in the chamber. He also resurrected the tradition of “Urgent Questions”, giving MPs more power of scrutiny against the government.

He resigned as speaker in 2019 and chose not to seek re-election as a Member of Parliament, opting to leave instead. He was even banned from getting a parliamentary pass because he was considered a “serial bully”, and “his behaviour fell very far below what the public has a right to expect”.


Despite the negative reviews John Bercow had upon leaving The House of Parliament, his historically significant legacy would forever live on. He is one of the most controversial British politicians you would encounter, but his views and changes made a world of difference in Parliament and the society at large.