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Across the globe, many people are so disaffected by politics that when politicians rally, they are not always attempting to change your mind. A staunch Labour supporter in the UK will probably NEVER cast his vote for a Conservative government. So, that is not the objective behind the politician’s rallying cry. It’s a desperate appeal to get Labour voters out to vote, full stop.

Many people, in particular, in the UK, cannot see the point and have little interest in British politics. Recent elections have been decided with little input from the UK population, such as when British political parties form coalition governments. Boris Johnson was elected after Theresa May with virtually no input from the UK electorate.

The fact that people died in their millions to keep Britain, British. And women starved themselves for the vote – has little resonance with today’s UK voters.

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For many years, UK politicians and leaders have come from privileged backgrounds, including Blair, Cameron, and Johnson. Leaving the regular low or middle-class British person feeling out in the cold. People simply no longer think their vote will make any difference. And if they ever had any interest in the British political system, it has long since evaporated.

Politics is not taught in schools and the everyday Jo has little basic understanding, Politics is a subject that is taught if students choose to learn it in higher education at Universities typically. And elections in Britain are called quickly, so they create minimal interest for a very short period of time. 

The Lives Of British Politicians

You can find out more about the activities and publications produced by the British Politics Society Norway, by checking out the site. You can also read some fascinating blogs about the lives of UK politicians, including Churchill, Chamberlain, Thatcher, Cameron, Blair, Theresa May, and many more.

Many people in the UK don’t understand politics and how it affects their everyday lives. Yet politics, as we know, dictates what laws a country abides by. British politics determine how we collect taxes, how we fund our schools and higher education, infrastructure, the health service, how much we give to our sick, poor, and elderly, and many more important aspects of our society. 

Where It All Began - The Magna Carta

 But none of this could ever have been possible either in the UK or anywhere else globally if it were not for the most important document of all time, The Magna Carta.

It is the foundation of law. British politics only exists to create and enforce legislation, and thus the two are inextricably linked. The Magna Carta is generally considered part of the uncodified constitution of the United Kingdom.

The document also continues to be honoured in the United States as an antecedent of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. We aim to educate and interest people in the fascinating world of UK politics and its reach across the globe.

Magna Carta

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