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The Fascinating Story of a Storytelling Tory

Jeffrey Archer

The internet often speaks about the most interesting man in the world. This is a valid nomination. Born of a 64-year-old father in 1940, Archer’s father, William, was a fraudster, bigamist and conman who impersonated another, more respectable William Archer. He eventually fled Britain for the USA evading charges of fraud.

Archer has a Quiver Full of Talents

Scholarship-winning student, soldier, policeman, briefly, Archer was selected for studies towards a Diploma of Education at Oxford. He was a world class athlete, representing England and Great Britain and president of the Oxford University Club, with a blue in athletics. Elected Conservative MP for Louth, a constituency in Lincolnshire at only 29, Archer was aiming at the top seat in British politics.

Prolific best-selling author of more than 40 works, with sales of over 275 million copies in over 30 languages, Archer is a world leading author, and then he serves time in jail, a four-year sentence for perjury, during which time he wrote a three-volume diary and later a book of short stories about characters he met “On the inside.”

Archer has Always had Trouble Flying Straight

Archer’s list of accomplishments and misdeeds is too long to list here. A lifelong peer, with allegations of financial wrongdoing, philanthropy, and alleged sponsoring of a military coup in Equatorial Guinea, this mercurial figure seems to have achieved enough and done enough dodgy deeds to qualify for nomination as the most interesting man on the planet.