How has Covid-19 affected travel for health tourism in Norway And England

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Coronavirus and travel concept
Coronavirus and travel concept

The travel industry is probably one of the hardest-hit sectors as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wage war on economies. The remarkable drop in all forms of tourism, including health tourism, has hurt many countries and those seeking cheaper medical care around the world. 


Turkey, which has become famous for its hair clinics has also felt the pinch as they continue to do what they can to try to contain the virus spread in their population. Most recently, the country’s government implemented a stricter nightly curfew which now begins at 7 pm instead of 9 pm. However, it should be noted that for the most part life continues as normal during the day as many restaurants and malls remain open. 


The country seems to have taken a more relaxed approach to protocols in an effort to keep its economy afloat. The sharp decline that they have seen in hair transplants is mostly due to other countries’ approach to virus containment. Let’s take a look at two countries, whose people are popular for seeking hair transplants in Turkey, and the measures that they have taken so far.

England Covid measures


Earlier this year, in January, England faced an onslaught from Covid-19. The country suffered a massive second wave which saw infections and deaths rise to some of the highest numbers in the world. As the country’s government more or less stopped the entry of foreign nationals into the country unless it was absolutely necessary. 


As with many other countries, those who are allowed to enter must have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and also must be prepared to quarantine for at least 10 days. The measures that were taken also applied to UK citizens trying to leave the country as all unnecessary travel has been banned. This means to leave the country you must have a valid reason such as work or a family emergency. Travel for leisure is not allowed at this time. This has of course affected those who were seeking to have hair transplants done outside of the country in Turkey. 


Norway Covid measures


On April 16, Norway began easing some restrictions as they tried to return to some sort of normalcy. However, the country has only taken small steps in reopening. They are still advising their citizens not to travel domestically unless absolutely necessary and this applies to international flights as well. While they continue to try to get schools reopened, they are still observing strict protocols for dining and gathering. 


While it’s not impossible to travel to Turkey right now for a hair transplant there are definitely stricter measures in place. 


Turkey Travel Updates


Turkey has implemented a ban on certain visitors from countries that are deemed high risk. Unfortunately, this list includes the UK at the moment. Travellers who are allowed in must also adhere to a 10-14 day quarantine period. Norwegians are not included on this list and may be allowed into the country at this time.