Greatest Female Politicians in the UK

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Theresa May, Former British Prime Minister

Imagine a society where women have equal proportions of leadership positions as men. Even in the 21st century, there is an under-representation of women in the British parliament. Although there has been notable progress, we expect a surge in those numbers. The British politics journal presents some of the successful women in the UK’s history.

Stories of Power-Influential Women in the UK

Why does the UK need to involve more women in their political affairs? Women’s participation in politics is an essential focus in UK’s development policy. However, others still question the need to have more women involved in the political process. Women leadership facilitates greater cooperation between parties and ethnic lines. Moreover, women’s recognition in the political world gives hope for a more sustainable future.

When many people hear about female leadership in the UK, the first names to come to mind are renowned icons like Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher. These two served as British Prime ministers and set the country on the right economic course. While more progress is still required, the women have played a significant role in promoting gender parity in the region.

Championing Female Leadership in British Politics

Successful women’s politics in the past have suggested that the UK needs more female British Politicians. In the recent past, it is easy to see the tremendous increase in female participation but overall, the males have outnumbered the women, and the barriers to women leadership are relatively high. We are still hopeful that those in leadership will champion women to set their aspirations in politics.