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British Prime Ministers

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Margaret Thatcher

Britain is one of the oldest existing kingdoms to date. The monarchy has had power over the political class for a long time. Most of the British politicians came from privileged backgrounds. This left the middle-class feeling greatly left out and in turn, made them lose interest in politics over time.

The Magna Carta

The foundation of politics in the UK came from the need to create and enforce the law. The Magna Carta is generally considered to be the first British constitution because of the way it was drafted as a set of rules that protected human rights. It was even honoured in the United States in the form of the Bill of Rights.

There is no official date when the office of the Prime Minister was first established. However, the term was loosely used from the 1730s up until 1905 when the post of prime minister was officially recognized. Since then, many great people have held the office including the first woman to do so, Margaret Thatcher in 1979.

Prime Ministers’ Influence On British Politics

British prime ministers have undoubtedly come in all shades and characters. Some are still remembered for their heart-warming speeches that inspired hope when there was not much left. Others like the Iron Lady will always be remembered for their assertion and bravery. Although the sway they had and the spirit they inspired the people with is slowly dwindling.