Boris Johnson – A New Breed Of Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson – A New Breed Of Prime Minister

Each Number 10 family is unique, and over recent years younger leaders at No 10 mean that babies have been born to prime ministers. The Blairs gave birth to baby Leo while in power who was the first baby in over 150 years to be born to a sitting prime minister. The Camerons, too, made headlines when they welcomed Florence Rose Endellion on 24 August 2010, shortly after Cameron got the keys to No 10 in March that year.

And Boris also moved a new baby into No 10 in the midst of the 2020 pandemic. 

Johnson Becomes A Dad – Again

After Johnson spent time shaking hands with COVID patients, it was only a matter of time before becoming sick. And he became very ill, as Johnson said it was touch and go for a while. He did not leave his ICU bed until 9 April and recuperated at Chequers until the 26 April. Perhaps not the best time to welcome new baby Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson who was born on 29 April 2020

But unlike the Blairs and the Camerons, the new baby Johnson has been born into a completely different family dynamic. Johnson has been, some would say, shameless in his womanising. His 25-year second marriage is littered with affairs and pregnancies and children with other women. Most people will happily answer the question, ‘How many children do you have?’ But not Johnson.

Boris Johnson & Carrie Symonds

Johnson moved his 24-years his junior, fiancee Carrie Symonds into No 10 with whom he has fathered his new child. Only a year earlier, police had been called to Ms. Symonds home where a concerned neighbour had heard raised voices. There have also been allegations of cocaine use by the prime minister.

Out Of Touch Johnson

Aristocratic Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who famously said that he doesn’t know how people are supposed to survive on an MPs wage (almost three times the average UK salary) without some kind of trust fund or other wealth – has never been in touch with the majority of the British people.

Aristocrats make the rules; they don’t live by other people’s. Johnson’s womanising is basically none of your business in Boris’s mind. He will do as he pleases. For sure, it’s a setup that the British people would never have accepted decades ago. The truth is that most UK people either dislike the setup. Or they don’t care. Some might wish him well. But one thing’s for sure, Johnson has been unapologetic about his womanising in the past – and he certainly isn’t going to start now.