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British Politics Review (ISSN 1890-4505) is a quarterly journal issued by the British Politics Society Norway. Founded in 2006, the journal is currently in its 11th volume.

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British Politics Review welcomes articles on British politics, culture and society, related to the thematic area set for each issue. Since our first issue in 2006, the journal has had article contributions from more than a hundred political, academic, journalistic and other sources in both Britain and Norway. 

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Although often confused for the UK as a whole, England - as a country and nation - is also much forgotten. The English voted to leave the EU (54%), in stark opposition to the Scots (38%). At the same time, there are calls for an England-only Parliament, or vetoes on MPs from the Nations, in order to answer the so-called 'West Lothian Question'.

Thus, while there are tensions both between England and Brussels and England and the other nations of the UK, there are also tensions within England. The North-South divide remains important, economically and and politically, with politicians talking about the new Northern Powerhouse  at the same time as London continues to be seen by many as exceptional and different. The English have felt the ire of the other nations for centuries, having held the main seat of power and making up the majority of the population of the British Isles. What issues face the English now, in a time of significant political change?

The winter edition of BPR is due to arrive in February 2017. Please contact us if you wish to contribute!
M O S T  R E C E N T  I S S U E

The issue of immigration has gained a very prominent position in British political debate in recent years, and most notably so in connection with the EU referendum in June this year.

In this context, the discussion focused mainly on work migration from other EU countries to the UK. However, it also addressed anxieties about non-European migration, notably with reference to the refugee crisis and the prospect of Turkish EU membership.

In the opening article of British Politics Review 4-16, Lord Hain reflects upon the Syrian tragedy, and on why the refugee crisis unfolded the way it did. Cathrine Thorleifsson looks at the role immigration has played in UKIP's rise, whereas Henry Allen addresses the key free movement of persons-principle, and how that might fare in the process of dismembering Britain from the EU.  John Todd explores the anti-immigration narratives presented during the referendum campaign.

Asher Boersma looks at the Channel Tunnel, and the now two-decades-old challenge of immigrants desperately trying to make their way to Britain through the tunnel. Finally, Gavin Schaffer reminds us that while immigration to the UK is by no means a new phenomenon. Indeed, attempts to restrict immigration - combined with attempts to quell domestic racism – was a dominant feature of British immigration policies in the post-war period.
P R E V I O U S  I S S U E S

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